The Alumni Affairs Development Office is a routine administrative Office of Xi’an Jiaotong University, which is responsible for the implementation of the university’s alumni-related decisions, and in charge of coordinating, organizing, guiding and promoting the development of various alumni work. It consists of general office, information office, project communication office and publicity office. At the same time, it also undertakes the obligations of the secretariat of XJTU Alumni Association and the rotating secretariat of global alumni association of Jiaotong university.


Alumni are valuable resources of the university, and an important force that the university can always trust and rely on. Alumni work plays an important role of promoting the development of the university, therefore doing a good job for the alumni is the requirements related to the overall situation and long-term development of the university, is the requirements of the university to comprehensively improve the quality of talent training, and is the requirements for the university to serve the social, economic and cultural construction of the region, which has important strategic significance. At present, there are nearly 580,000 alumni of Xi 'an Jiaotong University, including 270,000 full-time alumni all over the world, and the alumni contact rates exceeds 60%.


The Alumni Affairs Development Office has always been taking ‘service, innovation and initiative’ as their work aim, adhering to ‘development as the prerequisite, service as the core, with emotion as a link, by means of contact, on the basis of mutual benefit, the Alma mater for supporting’ as their work principle. Thus to build an overall alumni working pattern of ‘the university as a whole, department coordination, combined departments, various areas (industry, subject, interest, etc.) alumni interaction, teachers and students to participate in’, to fully accomplish the functions of ‘three services’ including ‘serve the alumni,serve the university and serve the society’. To make our caring and service throughout the alumni life, and let the alumni can always feel the accompany and warmth of his/her Alma mater.


The Alumni Affairs Development Office is also the vice President Organization of alumni work research branch of China higher education association and the President organization of alumni work research branch of shaanxi higher education association. It is also by many times named by the Chinese higher education association alumni work research branch as ‘national alumni work advanced unit’. XJTU Alumni Association was awarded the title of ‘top ten alumni association of Xi 'an’ by Xi 'an municipal party committee and government.